Privacy Policy

Last updated on 15 May 2022


  1. Lok Sujag does not collect any information about its website visitors (hereinafter, users) without their express permission/explicit consent.

  2. We collect user information to monitor progress of our website, improve quality of user experience and to engage with users who are willing to have/develop a relationship with us.

  3. Since Lok Sujag is an ad-free platform, there is no question of using users’ information for targeting outside advertisements at them by Lok Sujag.

  4. We do not share/sell user information with any other party that may directly or indirectly use it for commercial purposes. 

  5. We keep users’ information secure with us using the best possible security system/technology that we can afford and employ.

Two categories of website users

We divide visitors to our website in two categories.
Registered users: They are the ones who have agreed to join Lok Sujag Community by filling up our online membership form. We call them members of Lok Sujag Community. Registered users or Lok Sujag Community members, however, can visit our website by logging in as members or without doing so. This divides the registered users into two subcategories, registered users who visit our website while logging in as members and registered users when they visit without logging in.

Unregistered users: They are the ones who visit our website without joining Lok Sujag Community that requires filling up or membership form.

Cookies policy

We use no cookies for unregistered users and registered users who visit the website without logging in as members of Lok Sujag Community.

For the above two categories of users, we only depend on Google Analytics to monitor our web traffic and its other relevant attributes. Google does not share with us any information about individual visitors and we can only access aggregated data.

We, however, use session cookies or temporary cookies, like many other websites. They are not stored on users’ hard drive, but are rather kept in active memory. They are deleted when their session closes, or after a period of inactivity (usually 20 minutes or so). These cookies are used only to make their visit to the website efficient and cannot infringe on your privacy.

What is a cookie?


Registered users’ policy

Registered users are the ones who opt to join Lok Sujag Community by filling up a membership form that collects their contact information and by consenting to this privacy policy. We call them members of Lok Sujag Community.

What information of members we keep?

Our members provide us the following information: 

  •  First name and full name

  • Gender

  • Email address

  • Country and city/district

Optionally, they can also provide us their phone numbers, their brief profile and their profile picture.

Why do we need this information?

We use this information to engage with them in order to have/develop a relationship with them which is central to our organizational /business model.

Members interact with us through various engagement windows that are currently operational on our website.

As we aim to deepen our relationship, we plan to introduce many more engagement windows in future.

What is Lok Sujag Community?


For example, members can rate our stories and videos through a five star rating panel and share with us their views on a story by writing a letter to the editor. 

Similarly, we can approach certain members by sending them invitations to events, online and others, calls for assisting us in developing a story or a call for action under a campaign that Lok Sujag is running. 

All of these interactions between Lok Sujag and its community members are logged by us and we use this to identify active/responsive members and to enhance/improve our engagement efforts and strategy.

As a policy, we allow only real persons to become our members. We reserve the right to ascertain/validate the fact that our member is a real person through all lawful means.

We also reserve the right to deny/terminate membership of Lok Sujag Community to any person without giving reasons for our decision.