What is Lok Sujag community?

Lok Sujag community is an evolving group of our readers and viewers who endorse our vision and are willing to help us in accomplishing our mission. Their help does not have to be necessarily financial. They can help us in many ways – even by visiting our website regularly to read and view our content.

Our relationship with this community is not transactional. Instead, its members help us in our work, support us in difficult times and, thereby, legitimize what we stand for and do. That is what makes them ‘our community’.

The concept of having a supportive community around a news platform is new in Pakistan but it is not alien to the news media in many other parts of the world.

Mada Masr is an independent Egyptian digital media platform working since 2013. It has a membership program similar to what we intend to build.
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MalaysiaKini is an independent digital media platform based in Kuala Lumpur and established in 1999. It has a subscription program in place since 2002 but two years ago it felt the need to redefine its relationship with its subscribers and, therefore, it launched a membership program.
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Why become a member of Lok Sujag Community?

Because you want to support Lok Sujag due to
•    its coverage of ‘voices from the margins of power’
•    its focus on the problems of ordinary Pakistanis living within Pakistan and across the world.

Know more About us

We closely engage with the members of our community and maintain an active relationship with them. This is ensured through the following steps:

•    Lok Sujag Community members get a page of their own on our website
•    They can rate our stories using five star panels at the bottom of every article and video on our website. This feedback serves as the first window of interaction between us and our community.
•    They can write Letters to Editor. We take our members’ views seriously and respond to them immediately.
•    They can help us develop stories. For this, we will issue specific calls for help which they will receive as notifications on their personal pages at loksujag.com. Their help will be duly acknowledged at the end of the story thus developed.
•    They will be invited to special events, both online and offline, organized by Lok Sujag. The invitations will appear as notifications on their personal page at loksujag.com.
•    They can develop an online library of articles and videos published on loksujag.com.
•    They will have opportunities to interact with each other at the community events that we will plan for them from time to time.

We have other plans as well for deepening our engagement with the members of our community. These plans will be unfolded as soon as we have the capacity and resources they require. Our existing members will be the first ones to benefit from these plans.  
We will continually refine and improve our relationship with our community and we eagerly await your suggestions on how best to strengthen it and make it instrumental in realizing our shared goals.

How to join Lok Sujag Community?

You just need to click on the membership form and fill it. 


Lok Sujag Community rules

Lok Sujag Community is a closed group. Rights of admission to it are reserved with Lok Sujag. The main rule for entry is that an intending member supports our vision and mission and is willing to be helpful to us in one way or the other.

Only real people can become the member of Lok Sujag Community. No one will be allowed to become a member through a pseudonym or a fake identity.

We follow a strict Privacy Policy so we will not share our members’ personal information with any outside party unless allowed by the members themselves and/or required by the law.

We are an ad-free news media platform and do not share our members’ personal information with any advertisers or with any other company that could commercially exploit this information.

We are non-partisan. We do not carry a brief for or against any political party or politician but we do have political views and we have stated those in our About us section. We expect our community members to respect our political positions in all engagements with us.

We expect our members to be respectful towards the opinions and views of other members. We, therefore, strictly prohibit hate speech or the use of offensive language during online and offline community interactions.

Any violation of the rules mentioned above will result in the termination of membership. We may also add new rules and/or improve/update the existing ones. These changes will always be duly notified to each member.

Copyright © 2024. loksujag. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2024. loksujag. All rights reserved.